Final Class of "I Can Handle It"

In the final class we learned how to change the car's tire (Banchar) loool and it was really fun and enlightening, but for the record I'm NOT gonna change a flate tire ever #LOL. Afterwards we had cake and we gave our teacher - the engineer - a letter of appriciation for the hard work in making us understand the course. I'm so glade I finished the course and got the Mechanics Certificate, although i'm gonna miss my class, the new friends i made, and the new experiences I've gained from our teacher/trainer Mr. Ali Al-Judaei.

Mechanics certificate

"I Can Handle It" campaign letter of Appreciation
to all students including the teacher

bil tawfeeg liljamee3, I'm so happy for us all and I will continue learning about Mechanics, either by taking level 2 course or go straight to DaimlerChrysler Automotive Academy in Kuwait, I'll keep you updated :)

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