1st Post - Officially Launched

Hello Wild Riders,

I'm very happy to announce the launch of Q8 Mustang Blog. This blog is dedicated for Mustang riders who are intrested in everything new in terms of engine parts, bodykit and car accessories. I deal with garages in USA that are experts in Mustangs and providing Ford original parts and accessories, so if your looking for quality this is your blog/ website.

The main purpose of this blog is:

1. Shopping online:
I will be providing you with products (picture + discription) for your Mustangs on a daily basis - hopfully - you can buy the product or request a specific item in your mind and I will ship it to you from USA.

2. Share your Mustang picture, videos and features with other riders.
Simply email me directly on ( q8.Mustang@gmail.com ) and I will gladly post you ride and answer all your queries.

Wish you all a joyful experince in my blog Q8Mustang :)

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